Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center
Sunday, October 17, 2021

Welcome to Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center!

Serving the Oklahoma families with professional, personalized, quality Behavioral Healthcare.


Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center is dedicated to advancing the education, mental health, welfare and rights of the families of Oklahoma.  Our objective is to provide the tools needed to diagnose, treat and maintain quality mental health in our region.  Our Evaluation Center utilizes the latest standardized diagnostic techniques to assess, design, and implement change through
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Individual or Family Therapy 
Our staff of qualified professionals is dedicated to assisting you on every stage of the journey toward a better quality of life.



Just for You...

Family Resources

"You Can't Make Me"

Strong-willed children are a challenge for the best of parents. This book helps you “get inside” the child’s head to see how he or she thinks, making it more natural to motivate, discipline, and build relationships.
Beth Cynthia Tobias, $15.25
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Why is it so difficult to connect with, or even get along with, certain people especially the ones you care about the most? Drs. Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy believe that, for each of us, our present relationships are influenced by our first "attachments" or bonds with people in early childhood. Consequently, understanding your pattern of relating to others what the authors call your "attachment style" is the cornerstone for building satisfying relationships with the people you love.
Tim Clinton & Gary Sibcy
, $19.95
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