Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center
Saturday, October 16, 2021
Our mission at Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center is to reduce the burden of mental, neurological, and behavioral disorders through counseling, evaluations and therapies. We will strive to reach children, families and individuals within school systems, developing healthy morals and character that will facilitate a better quality of life. Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center will be proactive in helping these entities to live healthier, more satisfying lives. We will achieve this through our internal structure, including licensed psychologists, counselors, therapists, school psychologists, psychometrists and case managers who will help us define goals and objectives for our clients to accomplish.
Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center recognizes and declares that our aim is to provide testing, educational programs and counseling of the highest quality for the children, adolescents, and families of our community. We recognize that the achievement of this high purpose demands the ability, experience, and judgment of our staff n all facets of performance. We believe that this level of interventions for children, families and school systems will promote the well being of our society.
We strive to enhance personal and individual growth by facilitating groups and families, aiming for the utmost in value and meaning for every member of our community. We pledge to treat all people with dignity, fairness and respect. We endeavor to deliver effective outcomes in direct collaboration with the individuals we serve.
The staff at Eufaula Lake Family Developmental Center will make every effort to provide the highest quality, confidentiality and service through a partnership of shared responsibility with the people we serve.